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Re: [IP] 6th day and still unable to pump successfully...

Its so discouraging to work so hard and get little results! Remember that the
pump is a tool used to deliver insulin and is one part of the balanced
equation. My biggest variation that effects my BG control is proper carb.
counting/insulin ratio. Also, there is the insulin sensitivity issue that
needs to be looked at. If you have any variations in this area, you could
have fluxuating control of your BG. You first must establish that you
base/basil rate is working for you by following the outline in Chapter 8 of
Pumping Insulin by John Walsh and Ruth Roberts. If you don't have it then I
strongly suggest that you do pick it up. Call the Diabetes Mall @ 1 800
988-4772 or contact someone at Children with Diabetes as I beleive its
available there.

I would also suggest(strongly) that you exercise to some degree. Exercise
makes you more sensitive to insulin and can smooth out your metabilism and
BG, providing you don't over do it.

I think the biggest aid to you will be the fine tunning of your basil rate.
Once you establish the right rates, you have much better control of you BG
and the minor mistakes you may make in your carb counting, won't be as
difficult to overcome.

Great luck