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[IP] Re: 5 day sets

	Contrare, my sweet friend. The CDE that first instructed me on the use of
the pump is on the pump herself and told me that she too used softsets and
managed with 5 day sets. Of course there are times when a set goes bad and
have to change it but for the most part I have few problems with 5 days.
	Incidentally, my CDE has been on the pump for 16 years and is also an RN.
Also, depending where the set is placed there is NO redness or discomfort. 
I changed it the day before yesterday and all that shows is the dimple or
indention where the cath was. No problems here.
	I ALWAYS take a bath before a set change to insure all is clean. I use no
alcohol or betadine, just clean skin. Was taught not to even breath on the
set. No problems. . . . . 
> 5 day sets?  I only know of one person around here who tried going 
> beyond 3 days per infusion set and she ended up in the hospital with 
> a bad skin infection.  The doctors and both pump manufacturers talk 
> about using the needle sets for only two days and the  "soft sets" 
> for only three days.  Are you just leaving it in?  I'd think that the 
> long contact with insulin in one spot would increase the scarring and 
> "lump" formation in the fatty tissues.   
> Randall Winchester