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Re: [IP] Humalog prescription

On 28 Nov 97 at 18:15, buddybarber wrote:

> 	Also, at this time I have no problems what so ever with 5 day sets. The
> past couple of days I have had several "unexplained highs" but even that I
> think is the cornbread stuffing!!!! Ha. I do use the Humalog now like I
> used to use Regular when I was injecting. When I get these highs I inject
> the Humalog and bring it right down.

5 day sets?  I only know of one person around here who tried going 
beyond 3 days per infusion set and she ended up in the hospital with 
a bad skin infection.  The doctors and both pump manufacturers talk 
about using the needle sets for only two days and the  "soft sets" 
for only three days.  Are you just leaving it in?  I'd think that the 
long contact with insulin in one spot would increase the scarring and 
"lump" formation in the fatty tissues.   

Randall Winchester

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