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Re: [IP] Re: Meter on wrist...?

On 28 Nov 97 at 8:45, ggoveas wrote:

> Bill,
> Medisense used to have a meter that looked like a pen, but I'm not sure
> that it was all that accurate. So doesn't that mean that the technology is
> already available? I'm also not sure that they still make it. 
> Glad to have your input.
> Gina

I used one of those "pen meters" for a while and found it to be very 
erratic.  Sometimes the control solution would give a very high 
reading, sometimes a very low reading.  I tried it with multiple 
tests to check on repeatability - five tests back to back resulted in 
a range from 60 - 280 from the same blood sample.  On the One Touch 
II where I was running the same test the range was from 80 - 95.  I 
decided to trash the Medisense meter because it was that unreliable.  
I loved the form factor though - like a pen so you could carry the 
whole pack of meter, strips, lancet device and all in a wallet.  

Randall Winchester

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