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Re: [IP] Santa and witches


I too always wondered what happened to those cookies.  I know it wasn't me,
the diabetic that ate them.  Santa does seem to like those peanut butter
ones.  Do you make them with the chocolate kisses in the center?  Those are
the ones Santa ate the most of at my house last year.  

Lots of Love,


P.S.  I hope Santa does find that Jeweler before he gets to my house.  I sure
would like some diamond earrings this year!

P.S.S.  Hey Ted - Santa always drinks my Egg Nog too!!!  He must make our
house the last stop because after drinking my Egg Nog, he just may not be
able to deliver too many more gifts without getting to confused as to who
gets what.  My sister-in-law claims he came to my house before hers because
he gave her a dishwasher instead of the leather coat she asked for.  He must
have been confused.  She said it was my fault for giving Santa too much Egg