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Re: [IP] Ketones & Colds

Carol... I expierence a sharp rise in BGs at the onset of a cold. My solution
is to add 20% to my bolus dose. That seems to work out for me. I'm sure I
could adjuct all my basal rates the same but I prefer not to fiddle with my
settings all the time. As the cold runs its course and my BGs start to get
lower I adjust the 20% down 5%at a time and all seems to work out OK. I do
get on anti-biotics at first sign of a cold and I'm not sure if they have a
effect on Insulin resistance. The 20% keeps me  out of trouble till I'm on
the mend.About ketones...I don't know . I'll check for ketones when I'm
really feeling that sicky feeling and my sugars are running high for more
than two test in a row. I have shown ketones when using soft-sets and
realized it was a site problem. Other than getting the blah feeling I don't
look for trouble. Hope the 20% gives you an idea how it works for me . It may
not be "right" but it is manageable. I hope your feeling better by the time
you read this message.   Do you know that it's been shown that acnnibles will
not eat a clown ??? They claim clowns taste funny. Hope ypir holiday was a
good one and all went well.             Ted...(hic)