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[IP] Weight gain


I lost alot of weight after I started cause I was only eating what the diet
said, plus I didn't want to eat anything that I couldn't figure out the carb
ratio on. Now it is just a matter of discipline. I can eat anything, but I do
pay for it. I ate a big super size Snickers the other day. I looked at the
carbs. and bolused, then later I looked at the empty wrapper and realized I
had eaten more calories than I usually eat in a day. I was so pissed. But I
love Snickers! So next time I eat one, I'm going to savor it alot more. And
boy did I ever eat yesterday. I ate two or three days worth.
I know it is alittle late, but I really enjoyed hearing what we are thankful
for. I'm gonna tell ya'll mine. I am thankful for my new man, my girls, my
good health, my great big family, my Dr. and his knowledge, for all of you
and your support, and for the chance to see another beautiful day here on
earth. This has been one of the best Thanksgivings I have ever had. I could
never say this before, and don't take it wrong, but I could die tomorrow and
die with a smile on my face. I was scared to die before, but I'm not afraid
now. I have never been so happy. I do thank God every day now for his love
and for everything he has given me!  Sorry to preach, but I just wanted to
Love ya all!!