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[IP] Ketones

I've got a question, as you know I have just started the pump, and lately
I've had a few problems with ketones, I think its related to my cold that I
picked up from my son and it will just have to rum its course, I've had two
nights where my bg shoots up to the 240's and I start spilling moderate
ketones of course I follow the sliding scale and it brings it right down and
also clears up the ketones. It does scare me to get these readings at night,
I get worried about if its a site or pump problem and in the past when I've
been sick with a cold I would never spill ketones so quickly. How does a
cold affect all of you?

On the lighter side here's a joke I heard on the radio yesterday.

How do you catch a unique bunny?

Unique up on it!

How do you catch a tame bunny?

the tame way
Carol Wasson
email @ redacted