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Re: [IP] Humalog prescription

BUDDY... My approach to this situtation is to do what works best for me,
regardless of how many times a year I change my set. I use the bent needle
set and I wouldn't think of trying to get more time from it , unless it was
an emergency. Fortunately I never  had to go more than the recommended two
days. Though most of us on this list are diabetic, we are all different, and
must find out what works best for our own situation

Regarding you question about complications:

I  believe some of the complication associated  with diabetes, are not
reversable ie: blindness, amputation, stroke, end stage kidney disease,kidney
failure, death etc., while others can be treated and/or stablized ie: blood
pressure, retinopathy,high blood sugars,low blood sugars, impotence, etc. It
has recently been proven that tight control of blood sugars is the most
important thing one can do to curb these complications that are typical in
long term diabetes. I'm sure there are some exceptions to what usually
happens when these complications occur but most are predictable in the long
run. I would be interested to hear about those exceptions. I know there is a
God and I'm certain that these exceptions have an angel looking out for them.