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Re: [IP] Humalog prescription

> can't you just get a prescription for the Humalog and send it to the
> supplier? Are they not a pharmacy? 
> Gina

Not sure Gina. It seems at the time, and this has been some months ago, but
they could not do that for some reason. Maybe I am wrong, I just can't
remember. At the time I was not willing  or ready to start on Humalog from
all the information I had at the time. That was before I had access to the
Internet or Pumper's Inc.
	Also, at this time I have no problems what so ever with 5 day sets. The
past couple of days I have had several "unexplained highs" but even that I
think is the cornbread stuffing!!!! Ha. I do use the Humalog now like I
used to use Regular when I was injecting. When I get these highs I inject
the Humalog and bring it right down.
	Another thing that bother's me is the rate at which you start showing
keytones with the Humalog. If I understand it correctly you could go to bed
with a near normal BG and get up in the morning with a lot of keytones????
	And then there is the fact that I hate "change", if you know what I mean.
I was taught right from the start, by what I would call an excellent
doctor, that routine and regularity was the secret of success controlling
blood sugar! It worked for me.
	Right now I have a good handle on this situation. I have several vials of
Velosulin my supplier made a mistake and sent and I am still learning. The
only thing I don't like about the Humalog is the 3 day sets. . . .  
	According to my calculations with 3 day sets you change 121.6 times a year
whereas with 5 day sets only 73. What you think? I guess it is back to Give
and Take?

Buddy '-)