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Re: [IP] Re: Meter on wrist...?

In a message dated 97-11-28 17:15:45 EST, you write:

>Medisense used to have a meter that looked like a pen, but I'm not sure
>that it was all that accurate. So doesn't that mean that the technology is
>already available? I'm also not sure that they still make it. 

The Medisense pen was/is still in use and the old version had some accuracy
questions. The new strip technology has improved the accuracy and
reliability. They use a three(3) electrode system to minimize errors and
screen out the effects of many medications, including asprin and vitamin C.

I have used the pen and I did like the size and ease of its use. I lost it
though like I loose all the nice pens I have ever owned!! Also, I need this
meter while I'm running and I like it attatched to my wrist. I can live with
it in its present size although I think more people would like a smaller
version(smaller display and size).


In a message dated 97-11-28 17:15:45 EST, you write:

>That sounds really interesting. How big is it ? Is there a picture
>available on the web?

This is a picture and information re:Medisense Precision Q.I.D. meter.

I really enjoy communicating with so many experienced and active pumpers!
This list will continue to grow as will the use of this powerful tool(pump).
I realize and agree that pump therapy isn't for everbody but when I consider
what I was attempting to accomplish using multiple injections I can now
understand how scarry and risky my control was. With all the variables and
incorporating intense exercise, if I didn't stay on top of my care at all
times, I would risk disaster in the form of uncontrolled hypoglycemia. I hope
we can share our experiences to help those interested not to wait until their
disaster strikes!

Bill King