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Re: [IP] Thanksgiving meal


> > > Alon,
> > > You asked about pumping Lispro [Humalog] and exercising.  I fit that
> > > catagory.  I started injecting Lispro in the summer of 1996 and when I
> > > started pumping in November 1996, I didn't want to return to R.  
> > 
> > I'm currently using Regular, although Lispro seems to me as a much 
> > better choise for my active lifestyle. The reason I don't make the 
> > switch is that it won't be available to me during militry service (at 
> > least not on an easy way).
> > 
> During military service?  What branch of the military will let a 
> diabetic in, or let one stay in?  I've met several people who were 
> retired when their diabetes was diagnosed.  Seems like Lispro would 
> be more adaptable to the unpredictability of a military schedule 
> though.    Hmm... I can see it now - running up the cease fire flag 
> so the combatants can check their blood sugar or change an infusion 
> set...

Well, not as quite. Actully, I was execused from the Army but I 
volunteered. I will most likely be a militry Photographer in the Air 
force,  or in the spokeman unit. 

About Lispro - It seems to be that regular, although worse bg 
results, is more suitable for the army. Mybee my bg's will be higer, 
but the risk of "surprise" hypo is much smaller.

After school, all of us around here must join the army. In fact, I 
believe that It will contribue both for me and my country (as much as 
one can contribue).

BTW, the Pumping population is Israel is not very large (not more 
then 500). I'm (AFAIK) the first diabetes-pumper who ever joined the 
Army. (I know some who are now pumping, and back then where MIing)

Happy by default, Alon Levi.