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Re: [IP] Re: Meter on wrist...?


Your welcome! Remember one thing, we're in this together and there is power
in numbers! I encourage everyone to contact any company/manufacturer to let
them know how you feel about their products. I have found that they respond
to your letters/calls as they need our feedback.

The meter I use for my training/racing/exercise testing is the Medisense
Precision Q.I.D., which I have attatched to a wrist band. I also keep the
individually wrapped strips in a small sock pinned to my shorts or now I have
purchased shorts with pockets so I can keep the strips in them and I used
them very successfully last Sunday(11/23)  in the Phila Marathon as well as
in the Boston Marathon last April. I ran well in the race because I was able
to monitor and manage my BG. I have really been able to control my BG because
I know where it is throughout the event. With practice I have found it easy
to test myself. I have solved the three variables of Bg control, by wearing a
the Disetronic insulin pump I can adjust the flow of
insulin(Humalog/Lispro-which is quick and doesn't stay around long), I wear
the Precision meter to quickly and accurately know where my BG is, and
finally I use Power-Bar and Power-gel sport foods to maintain my BG.

I chose the Precision meter after looking for a small, quick, accurate meter.
The size alone makes this a valuable tool either as a primary or back-up
meter. I can carry it anywhere. Also, the strips or less likely to be
effected by the eliments such as dirt, moisture, and other medications. Also,
I can touch my finger to the strip which makes it easier to test on the run.
I would like a meter as small as a watch to wear on the wrist. I don't need a
large display or memory for that matter so they can elliminate alot of the
electronics to reduce its size. It would help if other people interested in a
small meter to write/call Medisense and encourage them to develop this