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Re: [IP] Thanksgiving meal

On 27 Nov 97 at 17:27, Tom & Linda Cotten wrote:

> >i would recommend a square wave bolus.  some may want to bolus then set a
> >square wave.  hopefully this will prevent the potential of snowballing the
> >insulin.
> >carolyn
> I've been lurking in the back ground long enough.  I have never heard of a
> square wave bolus.  Someone please explain.   Even though my meal was
> "relatively" low fat, I still went low after lunch.  Didn't count carbs
> right, or...is the square wave bolus that you are talking about something
> that might make a difference for me? (Like, maybe I did count the carbs
> right after all...but...?)  I have a Disetronic H-tron V100 and use lispro.
> Is the square wave bolus a feature offered on the Minimed?
> Oh, I have really learned a lot here.  Thank you all.
>  I am also interested in getting a Newton and the Healthmate.  I use the
> Diabetes Mentor by Vigora (Macintosh version) and it does help me recognize
> trends and I can download from the One Touch Profile.  I've received the
> brochures re: Healthmate, but the price for the Newton is a bit steep.
> Have to get  a bit more info to help me decide if it would be worth it to
> me.
> :)Linda C

The Newton 2000 is being discounted now by some retailers - check for 
Newton on Yahoo and find some of them.  The latest model it the Apple 
2100 so the earlier ones are cheaper.  Check around and see where the 
best deals are.  

I think the square wave bolus is a feature of the MiniMed 507 pump.