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Re: [IP] Thanksgiving meal

On Thu, 27 Nov 1997, Jay Watson wrote:

> Between my 8-10 tests, I am just living. : )  There are times when I can
> have extremely rapid changes in blood level.  For instance, 2 1/2 hours
> after dinner I was at 87, 50 minutes later I was at 44?!    The other
> aspect of my situation is that I am hypoglyemically unaware.  At the
> previously mentioned 44, I felt a little lethargic, but not too bad;
> sweating, shaking, ect.  When I take a test, I consider what my unused
> insulin level is, and then correct either the high or the low.
> Probably, half of my non-meal tests result in some action on my part.
> Wish I could figure out a better way to live, but unless I can get
> beyond my hypoglycemic unawareness, I won't be too comfortable lower my
> number of tests.
> Jay
Jay, the description above sounds like you are not stretching your meal 
bolus over a long enough period of time.  Are you square bolusing with 
your meals??