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Re: [IP] Thanksgiving meal

>i would recommend a square wave bolus.  some may want to bolus then set a
>square wave.  hopefully this will prevent the potential of snowballing the

I've been lurking in the back ground long enough.  I have never heard of a
square wave bolus.  Someone please explain.   Even though my meal was
"relatively" low fat, I still went low after lunch.  Didn't count carbs
right, or...is the square wave bolus that you are talking about something
that might make a difference for me? (Like, maybe I did count the carbs
right after all...but...?)  I have a Disetronic H-tron V100 and use lispro.
Is the square wave bolus a feature offered on the Minimed?

Oh, I have really learned a lot here.  Thank you all.

 I am also interested in getting a Newton and the Healthmate.  I use the
Diabetes Mentor by Vigora (Macintosh version) and it does help me recognize
trends and I can download from the One Touch Profile.  I've received the
brochures re: Healthmate, but the price for the Newton is a bit steep.
Have to get  a bit more info to help me decide if it would be worth it to
:)Linda C