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Re: [IP] Thanksgiving meal

> Alon,
> You asked about pumping Lispro [Humalog] and exercising.  I fit that
> catagory.  I started injecting Lispro in the summer of 1996 and when I
> started pumping in November 1996, I didn't want to return to R.  

I'm currently using Regular, although Lispro seems to me as a much 
better choise for my active lifestyle. The reason I don't make the 
switch is that it won't be available to me during militry service (at 
least not on an easy way).

Nowdays, I normally keep my exercising close to a meal, therefor I 
lower the bolus rate by about 30%-40%. [Mostly two hours of gym]
When exercising longer then two hours, I usually change the basel 
rate to 60% of normal.
unplanned exercising (such as :"hey Alon, wanna play some ball?")  is 
controlled by eating a fruit or something, and lowering the basel 
rate to 70-80%.

The thing with regular is that it does take it about 2 hours to see 
any diffrence in activity.

The way I see it - using Lispro make most of this obsolete; And basel 
rate changing becomes the main thing. My vision, which I hope is 
true, is to be able to control the level of Insulin in 15-20 minute 
range. (about the time which takes us to get organized for a game ;-)

 >What are your questions.  Depending on the exercise, I 
can go >either hyper or
> hypo glycemic.  Duration and intensity play a role, but there are some
> exercises that baffle me; soccer goalie tends to make my sugars soar
> during the second half.  Most of my exercise is swimming although I will
> start more running and stairs now that skiing season is approaching.
I found out that for myself, Aerobic execrise seems to lower my bgs 
for a great amount of time, and by much; while un-aerobic (such as 
gym) seems to lower bgs for a short time, and to make it soar after 
an hour or so.

A thing which is was quite a surprise for me is that dancing (and I 
mean _intense_ dancing) while going out, doesn't seem to effect my 
bg's at all. 

> Some long duration exercise [all day skiing or a round of golf] require
> setting a temporary basal of usually 70%.  I don't like disconnecting
> because of the increased difficulty with subsequent clogging/site
> contamination, whatever, leading to poorer control 6 hours and beyond,

What's the link between disconnecting and contamination ? 

> after exercising.  I do more extensive testing due to my exercise, 8-10
> times/ day.
I myself test normally about 7-10 times a day; but then again - Most 
of the days I do execrise one way or the other.

> Incidently, I use a Disetronic H-Tron Plus.  If you want to ask
> something specific regarding exercising while pumping Lispro, ask away.

I have a question about exercising, having nothing to do with Lispro.
I know quite a lot about diabetes. I read enough about the body 
matabolism (sp?), fat storages, glucogen and so on...
I seems quite obvious that Diabetes effects much more then levels of 
glucose in the blood. (I won't specify, since you probably know all 
about it). The thing is that I figured out, that since Diabetes - 
well controled or not - effects the body in every aspect, that it 
seems only logical that body building and execrise effectiveness 
"suffers" from diabetes.

My doctor response was : "ahh...bull"; I can figure two reasons for 
this : A. Information about body energy conversation is not complete, 
hence - noone knows; B. my doctor don't want to put me down, since I 
won't be able to "fight back" at it.

At bad times, when levels soar for a day or two (let's say around the 
200) - I feel my body muscles is falling apart. This is ofcourse 
obvious, but I wonder if overall effect exists on muscles 
development, even when well balanced.

'Being smart can make you very stupid'
ain't that a good excuse ?
    Killing brain cells in purpose, Alon Levi.