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Re: [IP] Thanksgiving meal

When you check your blood sugar 8-10/a day which sounds amazing..
what are you doing in between those tests?  Are you bolusing yourself
if you're high, getting something to eat if you're low? Or just taking a
mental note to adjust according to future activity.   This is
unfathomable to me, since regular therapy your blood sugars don't even
change fast enough to even bother checking it that much.. 
I bet you'll be glad when they come out with a wristwatch that tells
the time and your blood glucose level :)

Jay Watson wrote:
> Alon,
> You asked about pumping Lispro [Humalog] and exercising.  I fit that
> catagory.  I started injecting Lispro in the summer of 1996 and when I
> started pumping in November 1996, I didn't want to return to R.  What
> are your questions.  Depending on the exercise, I can go either hyper or
> hypo glycemic.  Duration and intensity play a role, but there are some
> exercises that baffle me; soccer goalie tends to make my sugars soar
> during the second half.  Most of my exercise is swimming although I will
> start more running and stairs now that skiing season is approaching.
> Some long duration exercise [all day skiing or a round of golf] require
> setting a temporary basal of usually 70%.  I don't like disconnecting
> because of the increased difficulty with subsequent clogging/site
> contamination, whatever, leading to poorer control 6 hours and beyond,
> after exercising.  I do more extensive testing due to my exercise, 8-10
> times/ day.
> Incidently, I use a Disetronic H-Tron Plus.  If you want to ask
> something specific regarding exercising while pumping Lispro, ask away.
> Alon Levi wrote:
> > > i would recommend a square wave bolus.  some may want to bolus then
> > set a
> > > square wave.  hopefully this will prevent the potential of
> > snowballing the
> > > insulin.
> > I never could figure out how to use squre bolus. Since I use regular
> > on my pump, which starts to make any diffrence at least 1 hour later,
> > it seems quite stupid to set square boluses.
> > Try to inlight me and give me a good use for it, maybee I haven't
> > thought of something.
> >
> > BTW, is there anyone here which uses Lispro with his pump, and does
> > regular exrcise ?
> > > carolyn
> > Make your dreams come true - don't wake up.
> >     i'm growing wings, Alon Levi.