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Re: [IP] Naturopaths

On 26 Nov 97 at 19:49, MHStrong wrote:

> Does anyone know about naturopaths?  I went to an ADA meeting, and one was
> the speaker. Trying to hustle customers, and he says he can cure Type 2 with
> herbs and the proper diet.  (Also said he can cure Type 1, and he will tell
> us how later, but he didn't.)  Is there anything to this?
> Thanks
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Aren't they the people pushing stuff like Fen-Fen and other "natural" 
remedies?   I've seen some propaganda around here - a friend gave me 
some from some "Dr." who was touting the use of his "Chromium Super 
Diabetes Pills".  I looked at a label from a bottle and the level of 
stuff was about twice what some Wal-Mart generic vitamin tablets 
contained, and the price was about twenty times what the Wal-Mart 
version cost.  He also had some "Diabetic Treatment pills" that 
consisted mainly of dried and ground up cow and pig pancreases along 
with other remnants from the slaughterhouse.  According to the 
 literature you take enough of these and you will be cured.  I asked 
the "Dr." about the risk of mad cow disease from his raw animal 
by-product pills and he suddenly had a call on his beeper to take 
care of...

A few days later I passed by where he had been located and he had 
closed up shop...  

Randall Winchester

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