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Re: [IP] Naturopaths

A year or so ago there was a thread on misc.health.diabetes regarding
these sort of claims.  One of the regulars there made a simple statement
that I latched onto.  Something like, with Type I diabetes [like me],
the pancrease doesn't work.  Period.  There is no insulin production.
If you try to control blood sugar with herbs or other non-insulin
treatments, you are trying to kill me.  Insulin is essential.  Perhaps
some of them can help with Type II, but there too he [and I] was quite

MHStrong wrote:

> Does anyone know about naturopaths?  I went to an ADA meeting, and one
> was
> the speaker. Trying to hustle customers, and he says he can cure Type
> 2 with
> herbs and the proper diet.  (Also said he can cure Type 1, and he will
> tell
> us how later, but he didn't.)  Is there anything to this?
> Thanks