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Re: [IP] Thanksgiving meal

You asked about pumping Lispro [Humalog] and exercising.  I fit that
catagory.  I started injecting Lispro in the summer of 1996 and when I
started pumping in November 1996, I didn't want to return to R.  What
are your questions.  Depending on the exercise, I can go either hyper or
hypo glycemic.  Duration and intensity play a role, but there are some
exercises that baffle me; soccer goalie tends to make my sugars soar
during the second half.  Most of my exercise is swimming although I will
start more running and stairs now that skiing season is approaching.
Some long duration exercise [all day skiing or a round of golf] require
setting a temporary basal of usually 70%.  I don't like disconnecting
because of the increased difficulty with subsequent clogging/site
contamination, whatever, leading to poorer control 6 hours and beyond,
after exercising.  I do more extensive testing due to my exercise, 8-10
times/ day.
Incidently, I use a Disetronic H-Tron Plus.  If you want to ask
something specific regarding exercising while pumping Lispro, ask away.

Alon Levi wrote:

> > i would recommend a square wave bolus.  some may want to bolus then
> set a
> > square wave.  hopefully this will prevent the potential of
> snowballing the
> > insulin.
> I never could figure out how to use squre bolus. Since I use regular
> on my pump, which starts to make any diffrence at least 1 hour later,
> it seems quite stupid to set square boluses.
> Try to inlight me and give me a good use for it, maybee I haven't
> thought of something.
> BTW, is there anyone here which uses Lispro with his pump, and does
> regular exrcise ?

> > carolyn
> Make your dreams come true - don't wake up.
>     i'm growing wings, Alon Levi.