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[IP] Holiday Stuffing....

Happy Thanksgiving to everyone on the Insulin-Pumpers list!  

We have many things to be thankful for - the other day my wife asked 
me what I wanted for Christmas and I thought about it for a minute.  
I had to tell her that I had gotten most of the things I really 
wanted this year already - a Newton and Healthmate earlier in the 
year to help with the data collection and analysis tasks, a H1Ac 
reading of 6.6 just before I went on the pump, and of course, my 
pump.  I'm thankfull for all these things that have helped give me 
back control over my life!

Of course, I'm also thankful for my family, my friends and my work 
assoicates who have been pretty supportive over the years as I have 
sometimes struggled to control my bg levels.  My "preacher training" 
comes through too, and I have often thanked God for the people who 
developed insulin, the pump and the bg meters.  I've even prayed that 
they will be successful in the research towards continous monitoring 
and of course a cure...  

Advent starts on the 30th - and this year will be kind of stressful 
for me.  It is the first Christmas in a while that I have not been 
the pastor of a church and working on planning and leading the 
Christmas services.   I hope that the time of Thanksgiving over the 
next couple of days gets everyone into the frame of mind to really 
remember one thing that we sometimes forget to be thankful for - that 
God showed his love for us about 2000 years ago in the form of a 
child.   Maybe we can celebrate Christmas this year by just smiling 
at someone else, encouraging them, and giving thanks for what we have 
been given.  I hope that by doing this we can make it a better 
Christmas, and counter some of the rampant greed and commercialism 
that is flooding our communities this season.  

Happy Thanksgiving, and looking forward to wishing you a happy 

Randall Winchester 
email @ redacted