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Re: [IP] Computer Aided diabetes...

In a message dated 97-11-24 01:35:12 EST, you write:

 Does anyone else out there use a computer program on a daily basis to 
 help manage this thing?  I have been using a program from MedData 
 Interactive called Healthmate since last May - and even before I went 
 on the pump my control was improving, largely due to the attention 
 and feedback from the statistics and data I was collecting.  What 
 systems do you use?
 I also use a paper log too, because I like to have a second system 
 "hot" in case the computer breaks down.  One of the hazards of a 
 computer systems background...
 Randall Winchester

My name is Bob Biehl. I am still on shots waiting to go on the pump.... I got
in a program about 2 weeks ago called HealthView for Diabetes... It does the
pump, shots & oral med... It help with carb counting, diet & exercise. It
does a bunch of graphs & reports for you & your doctor... It so for is very
user freindly.. Their # is 1-888-458-4648...

Good Luck