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Re: [IP] Drinking Alcohol & more...

Gena... Thank you for your interest in my profile, and my health. It seems to
me that the people who see the word "ALCOHOL" either don't think much about
it at all,or assume that  people who drink alcohol have a problem. 

   As our friend Buddy responds   " Good example of exactly why I quit  "
   .I guess being diabetic you just can't be trusted to use good judgement
when it comes to DRINKING.  Is a case of lite beer too much every two or
three weeks ? Too some I imagine this is excessive and surely a problem but
to others a case a beer a week is just for the home and they do their serious
drinking at a bar or club daily .Is that too much ? It's not for me to be the
judge of what others do. I have been drinking beer since the early 60s and
when I was young, dumb,and full of p... and vinegar I did get drunk and soon
learned that for a person who had to watch everything he ate , that much beer
wasn't too cool. I don't recall the last time I was drunk. I don't recall the
last time I was in a bar, but as I type this message I am finishing the beer
I had with dinner, and I know tonight I'll have another one ( to satisfy the
folks doing the math I get 36 cans in one case and at 2 a day that would
carry me for 2 1/2 wks.) I must admit sometimes I have to pick up another
case at 2 weeks. Yeah....I really feel bad about that. And I don't even
consider the effect of this ALCOHOL ,I consume every day, has to diabetes and
blood sugars. The label reads 7carbs and I always bolus for that just as I
would if it were food. And... since I was 13 years old there wasn't one time
I ate that I did not consider what this food was going to do to, or for me. I
don't know of one diabetic who has had sugar for more than 30 years and
escaped any of the complications we all get sooner or later. There may be
some but I don't know any. I had a doctor years ago who told me "For the
length of time I've had sugar 
I was entitled to have some complications" Think about that. I had another
doctor tell me that I must have been doing something right all these years to
pull through heart surgery and dialysis the way I did. It's been over 4 years
since that dialysis thing. So considering my life of DRINKING and the 34
years I've been married , the house I just paid off , the three children I've
put through college, the job I've had for 33 years ,tell me what I could have
done differently to make things better? Stop DRINKING ??? I am not
sure...tell me what 2  lite beers a day will do to a healthy person, how
about 3 beers ?   My  a1c was 4.7% a month ago,   Tell me what should I be
shooting for ? I had a visit with my kidney doctor Monday and he said after
my next visit he will start the transplant evaluation so I'll be ready when
the time comes. My kidneys are not keeping up like they were when I was taken
off dialysis. I hardly think abstaining would have given me any more time. I
could be wrong but like the doctor said "I'm entitled" I do not want to come
across as being mean to you and I appreciate your good thoughts but I really
think drinking and alcohol mean two different things between you and me.
               No offense intended...   Ted  :-)