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Re: [IP] carb counting {Unused insulin}

REgarding calculating the unused insulin is fairly easy for me.

I take Humalog and figure that 30% is used up every hour; 20% for Velosulin.
Thus you can simply calculate how many hours past your last bolus and then
calculate how much insulin is still left in your system.

E.g. If I took 4 units of Humalog at 4 pm, then 2 hours later at 6 pm., I
would have used up %60 of the 4 units (2.4) and left with 2.6 still working
& available. This system works for me - of course depending on what you
have eaten and how active you have been.

Ros in MA, Dx'd 31 years ago, MM 507, pumping since 2/95 - what a joy.