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Re: [IP] Pumping Insulin

Since he switched from Velosolin to Humulog, he's
> been doing great.  Thanks, Chris

	I have insurance and the company I use accepts what my insurance pays for
the Velosulin as full payment. That is Express Med if anyone is interested.
They will ship 6 bottles of insulin and 750 test strips at once and I don't
have any out of pocket expenses. The Humalog, on the other hand, has not
been approved in the pump yet and my supplier can not supply me with it
because it has to be prescribed. The problem is that if I have to buy it
locally it is $25.00 per vial. How do you cope with this?
	Hope your still listening Ruth. Again, I'm sorry if I hurt your feelings,
it was not intentional.

Buddy '-)