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Re: [IP] re: what is pump question?

I rarely get questions about my pump because it's usually in my
pocket. My workplace has a gym/fitness center for employees. One
day in the locker room, a fellow employee saw my pump attached
to me as I was changing clothes. "Is that a radio?" I had to apply
a lot of self-discipline to keep from bursting out in laughter. 
Why would I have a radio attached to my tummy with tubing? :-) I
smiled and said that it's an insulin pump. Then she and a friend
got all excited because one of their co-workers also has an insulin
pump, and they actually knew what it was - but apparently didn't
recognize it on sight. :-) So they learned that their co-worker
isn't so strange after all, and I discovered another pumper at
my company. I think we have 7 now.

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