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Re: [IP] re: what is pump question?

In response to the question I think it was off a message board that I got
this and am anxiously waiting to be able to use it.   "I'm an alien & this is
my battery pack!! :-)"

I find that most people just assume it is a pager & don't even bother to ask,
thinking that they know what it is.    However, I have been on the pump since
May & have only had 1 person ask me if I was wearing an insulin pump?
 Otherwise I have not had anyone ask me what it is.  I asked my son if his
friends have ever asked him what it is & he said the same thing.   "No, I
guess every one thinks its a pager, Get with it mom, it's not that odd."  I
must admit I do like to talk about it.  So if someone asks I'll talk.