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Re: [IP] End of the first week

At 06:47 AM 11/25/97 -0500, Carol Wasson wrote:

>I have a question for the experienced pumpers, how did you go about
>explaining to normal people what your wearing on your belt, I did get one

Wait !!!  We're the *normal* people ;-)


Initially, I found myself offering information to people in advance of them
asking me questions about the pump. This was probably because I was more
aware of it in the beginning. Now, when someone asks me what is hanging on
my belt, I find myself wondering what they are talking about, until I
realize they are asking about the pump. Several people have responded to me
that they have a friend / relative with an insulin pump, so that sometimes
leads to interesting conversations.

Most generally, people think it is a pager. I am willing to guess that you
will find it easier to talk about as you grow accustomed to it. It really
does become "part of you", and usually easier to talk about. I have to be
careful not to respond to these questions in too much detail. Many people
simply want to know what it is, not how it works, what it means to me in
terms of lifestyle choices, freedoms, better control, etc.

Go with the flow - you'll develop your own approach for dealing with the
inevitable questions.

Congratulations on the first week ;-)

Bob Burnett

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