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Re: [IP] End of the first week

On 25 Nov 97 at 6:47, Wasson wrote:

> To everyone,
>  well I made it through the first week of the pump, it was stressful, but
> I'm still here! It really helped finding out as much as I could about the
> pump before I tried it. Anyone out there if your not sure about a pump read
> every thing and newsgroup you can about pumping. Last week I wrote that I
> didn't like the pump and thats still true but I like it better than the
> injections 4 times a day. I also like the pump over injections because of
> the closer to normal bg values I'm getting. I used to feel terrible most of
> the time because I would never know which way my bg would swing, with the
> pump I have actually had some times where I was not wondering "whats my
> blood glucose", last night I was not worried about going to bed and waking
> up with a 32 or not waking up at all! I'm looking forward to the next
> several weeks enjoying the some of the freedom I lost 22 years ago.
> I have a question for the experienced pumpers, how did you go about
> explaining to normal people what your wearing on your belt, I did get one
> rude response from an "adult" when I told him about the pump, he said "thats
> like wearing a bag of urine"
> I no longer have the same regard for this person that I used too, and I do
> believe that remark will come back to haunt him one day. 
> Carol

I'm glad taht things are going well Carol.  I have had people ask 
about the pump but I've never gotten a negative response like that 
one!  I've had people ask "do you have a needle stuck in you all the 
time?" or "does it hurt" but that's about it.  The most common 
response when I explain that it is attached to me with a teflon 
tube that goes just under the skin, and that I move it every three 
days just like taking another shot has been "that sounds better than 
many shots a day!"   When asked what it is or if it's a pager I tell 
them that it's the latest gadget for helping me control my diabetes - 
and that I'm feeling better since I got it.  Then most people want to 
know if it reads my bg or just gives me insulin...  
Almost everyone that has asked about it has a relative or friend who 
is diabetic (or they are themselves!)  and so they already have some 
basic idea about diabetes and why bg control is so important.   
You're right in changing your evaluation of the person who made that 
remark - and probably right about it coming back to haunt him too...

Don't let some uninformed "adult" bother you - you've got more 
important things to think about...

Randall Winchester

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