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Re: [IP] End of the first week

	First. As for the statement the person made about the bag of urine, this
is ignorance on their part. We, all pumpers, have to educate these ignorant
people to the facts. Like I have said before on here, there are so many
uneducated people that have no idea of what this therapy is all about and
how much it does for us. Don't change your feelings for this person just
because he/she are ignorant. Play "Show and Tell" with them. Tell them it
is an "Insulin Infusion Pump". Tell them it was designed to help all kinds
of different kinds patients to deliver a constant supply of medications
from cancer patients to expectant mothers and of course, diabetics. Once
you start telling them about what your pump is, and all the wonderful
things it will do for you for the next few years, most of them will think
about the old saying "It is better to keep your mouth shut and look stupid
than it is to open it and eliminate all doubt!"
- ----------
>I also like the pump over injections because of
> the closer to normal bg values I'm getting. 

I'm looking forward to the next
> several weeks enjoying the some of the freedom I lost 22 years ago.
> I have a question for the experienced pumpers,

 how did you go about
> explaining to normal people what your wearing on your belt, 
EDUCATE them. The more people learn about these wonderful little devices
the better we are. It will surprise you how many doctors do not know about
our insulin pumps.
>I did get one
> rude response from an "adult" when I told him about the pump, he said
> like wearing a bag of urine"
	To this I would say "I wouldn't know, I have never had to wear a bag of
urine, what does that feel like?"
> I no longer have the same regard for this person that I used too, and I
> believe that remark will come back to haunt him one day. 
	I wouldn't let it bother me, and you're right. . . . the next time you see
him he may have a bag of urine hanging on his belt. The Lord works in
strange and mysterious ways. . . . 
> Carol
> Carol Wasson

Buddy '-)