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[IP] End of the first week

To everyone,
 well I made it through the first week of the pump, it was stressful, but
I'm still here! It really helped finding out as much as I could about the
pump before I tried it. Anyone out there if your not sure about a pump read
every thing and newsgroup you can about pumping. Last week I wrote that I
didn't like the pump and thats still true but I like it better than the
injections 4 times a day. I also like the pump over injections because of
the closer to normal bg values I'm getting. I used to feel terrible most of
the time because I would never know which way my bg would swing, with the
pump I have actually had some times where I was not wondering "whats my
blood glucose", last night I was not worried about going to bed and waking
up with a 32 or not waking up at all! I'm looking forward to the next
several weeks enjoying the some of the freedom I lost 22 years ago.
I have a question for the experienced pumpers, how did you go about
explaining to normal people what your wearing on your belt, I did get one
rude response from an "adult" when I told him about the pump, he said "thats
like wearing a bag of urine"
I no longer have the same regard for this person that I used too, and I do
believe that remark will come back to haunt him one day. 
Carol Wasson
email @ redacted