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Re: [IP] carb counting {Unused insulin}

What I did on the charts is this:
I read off the Lilley-supplied charts serum insulin levels for H and R
as functions of time.  Across these I drew a baseline.  After
subtracting the baseline, I integrated under the curve to calculate a
total Units-time value.  The integral is simple the sum of each
time-step mulitiplied by the average insulin level over that time step.
When summed over the total time, this becomes essentially a measure of
the total injected into the subjects.  From this I calculated an unused
insulin percentage by dividing the sum over all the time steps up to
some particular time and dividing by the total summation.  This is a %
remaining to enter the bloodstream, i.e., the % unused.  This same
approach was used for both the H and R charts.

Again let me apologize for this.  I would have liked the presentation of
this data to have been simpler and clearer so that I only needed one
message to present it.  I guess that is the liability of doing my emails
after a full day of real work.


Wasson wrote:

> Jay,
> what do all the calculations mean on your chart, it looks interesting
> but I
> can't make heads or tails out of the numbers you sent.
> Carol
> Carol Wasson
> email @ redacted