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[IP] HA1c, High, Lows - and the grey area between


I have a question which will probably be though to phrase.
Here it goes -

The HA1c test is used as a kind of "average" level of bg over a 
period of 90 days. 
Now, Let's say that I'm usully around 120 ml/dl - which is great. from
time to time some high's do occur, let's say around 200. Though, the
amount of low's are quite low. And since checking the bg levels is
something that happens quite frequantly, low can never exists for a
long time.

The average level of my bg will be around 150-160, which will give me
HA1c of 7.2 - which is high. Now, with the same situation - but more
low's the HA1c could go quite down. The question is - does it matter ?
Is HA1c is just a way to figure out the average, or is it a thing
which is importent by itself ?

Hope I made myself clear.

Happy by default, Alon Levi.