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Re: [IP] Drinking Alcohol!

email @ redacted wrote:
> Hi Buddy....(hic)
>      I've been drinking since 1965 and proud of (hic) it. I been diabetic
> since 1957 and (hic) I don't carry an ID. (hic) I don' t want to confuse
> anybody. (hic) :-)
>                                                                   Ted...(hic)

	I hope this was a joke.  It bothered me so I reread your profile. 
After reading about the complications you have already had I, I felt I
should write.  I know it is none of my business but it looks like you
have gotten your diabetes under better contol why mess things up with
alcohol.  I'm sure you know the dangers of it on a healthy, normal
person.  Those of us with diabetes must be extra careful what we put in
our bodies that could cause damage. Again, I really hope this was a
joke.  Gena