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On 24 Nov 97 at 15:58, Ruth A Westen wrote:

> To Karla and all others on the list:
> First, I want to apologize for my seeming "sarcasm" on Karla's comments
> on funerals for injectors.  Unfortunately this is the way I react on
> paper when I am angry or hurt.  Face to face I hold it all in.
> As the "odd woman out" I can not be expected to understand and applaud
> all the comments about injectors.  I realize Karla's comments were not
> supposed to be read by anybody but pumpers and you all agree with what
> she said.
> Second, I would like to thank all of you for yopur interesting comments
> and observations on diabetes and other things.  Some of the things
> written I didn't understand, but I printed several of them out to study
> more when I have the time.  I did enjoy most of the comments.
> Sincerely,
> Ruth W.

I'm sorry to see you go, Ruth.  I have friends who are staying with 
multiple injections by choice and others who are using them because 
they don't have good insurance, or their doctor doesn't care for pump 
therapy for some reason.  Most of us on the list are enthusiastic 
because of our experiences, but we still need to be reminded that not 
everyone shares our enthusiasm. I hope you do well, and be sure to 
e-mail me sometime.  

Hope you have a good Thanksgiving holiday...

Randall Winchester

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