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Re: [IP] Computer Aided diabetes...

Karla and Randall -- Yes, I have been using the LifeScan InTouch Data
Management Program since it came out for the Profile Blood Glucose Meter and
I used the One Touch Utility Software before that which was made for the One
Touch and One Touch II meters.  I now have glucose readings in it's data base
for over three and a half years for a total of over 6,000 glucose readings.
 (Not that any readings over the last few days will be of much help to you,
but it's just interesting and fun to run total figures once in awhile.)  You
can also enter insulin used and carbs, but the method of entering them is a
little slow.  I would wait until the latest version is out though before
buying one.  It shouldn't be long before the new one comes out.  Call
Lifescan to see when it will be on the market.    GLENN