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Re: [IP] Computer Aided diabetes...

On 24 Nov 97 at 6:19, email @ redacted wrote:

> Randall,
> Lifescan has a great one that you can use with the One Touch meter. It is
> called In Touch. My Dr. has been wanting me to get it so I can download from
> the meter into my computer and then use my internal fax to get it to him.
> Right now I fax on Tuesdays and Fridays. I've seen it many times at the
> office. I believe Glenn already has it, don't you Glenn?
> Karla

I've seen that one - but they want a chunk of money for it.  I've 
used a freeware Lifescan program that works pretty well.  It's for a 
DOS machine and downloads the meter and prints a bunch of reports, 
graphs etc.  There are a number of these programs available - I'm 
mainly just curious about who is using computer software to assist in 
the management tasks.  The program I use handles carbohydrate 
counting - you can enter meal selections and it gives you the info 
from the database, and it will also calculate boluses, do statistics 
and graphs etc.  It runs on a Newton - given the confusion and chaos 
at Apple these days that's the only real drawback to it.   

Randall Winchester

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