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Re: [IP] Computer Aided diabetes...

On 24 Nov 97 at 8:03, email @ redacted wrote:

> Randall, I would like to know more about the program you are useing.  I have
> one, Balance PC, but it is unwieldy and cannot manage the amount of data I
> have - prints very slowly, saves very slowly.  I always printed the data
> after I downloaded and did the housekeeping on the data.  That is how I
> avoided paper.  But with the pump being new, and the volume of results, I am
> back to a trusty notebook.

The website for the program I use is at http://www.meddatai.com/ 
There is a lot of information about the program there as well as 
contact phone numbers.  I think it's a good system because it's 
running on a computer that's easy to carry around.  I used one I had 
written myself for about 10 years - it ran on an old Tandy 102 
computer.  It worked well, but the computer was rather big (compared 
to current computers) and was getting old.  

Randall Winchester

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