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Re: [IP] Drinking Alcohol!

Why drink in the first place??? I did some of that when I was young and
dumb. I came to the conclusion that when I was out to have a good time I
wanted to remember it! Also the damage to even a "normal" is not worth the
hassle. I'm not implying that anyone is alcoholic but the problems a
diabetic faces with reactions and acting drunk is enough reason to stay
clear of the sauce.
	Remember the ID cards that say "I am a diabetic and I have not been
drinking." What if you wreak of the smell of alcohol? Sociable drinking? I
figure if you have to drink to be sociable you must be going after some
UGLY mates! <big grin>

Just my 2 cents worth,

Buddy '-)

	I have not had a drink since 1971, and proud of it.