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Karla wrote:

"Well, we will all be going to the funerals of all those injectors, unless
they really are strict with their diabetes!" 

	I detected a bit of sarcasm in your answer to Karla. I don't think it was
called for. She is only stating that people on a pump are able to keep
their BG's under better control therefore extending their time on this old
earth. Also, knowing people like I think I do, it is easy to let your BG
get out of hand easier on injections and using NPH or 70/30 that makes it
even more difficult.
	Don't get angry with me please, Just reread what Karla wrote and see that
there was no put down there, and I don't think none intended. I of all
people understand how this disease sometimes makes me put my mouth in gear
before my brain gets warmed up. As a matter of fact that is one of my

Love ya,

Buddy '-)