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[IP] Another Advantage of the Pump

I have been on the pump for 6 months.  Right after I went on it, I went in
for my yearly urinalysis, and it showed the protein in my urine was right on
the borderline of being high.  My albumin was also higher.  Ever since I've
been on the pump, my blood sugar averages just slightly over 100.  I had
spoken to the doctor about going on a small amount of ACE inhibitor to help
with the amount of protein in the urine.  Instead of putting me on it then,
he suggested I wait until I get one more A1C and check the  urine again.  I
just went back in for my 2nd A1C since being on the pump, and he d checked
the protein in my urine again.  My A1C dropped even further this time (now is
5.8--compared to the 7.5s I had before the pump), and my protein and albumin
levels have completely dropped.  They are now right where they should be.  

Forest - I wear my pump on my waistband on the outside of my clothes most of
the time.  Only a small amount of tubing actually shows, so most people think
I have a pager on.  They don't hardly even notice the tubing.  Do you tuck
most of the tubing inside your pants?  Occasionally, someone asks me about
it, but for the most part no one even notices it. However, I am so
enthusiastic about the pump, that I don't mind telling someone about it.
 Good luck.

Randall - Don't know if you got my note, but I would be very interested in
getting a WP version of the log book.  Please send to email @ redacted