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Jim, I think the sticker is just a way of the pharmacy covering their Butt.
 For a while now I have gotten the same stickers on my Lilly Humalog.  I
think as most medicines tend to be classified as "Do not take without dr
approval" if you read the fine print, (i.e.,even adult chewable St. Joseph
aspirin). Alchohol & insulin have seemed to alway be a topic of mixed
thoughts. In moderation yes,(that's my opinion) but remember that alcohol can
have a tendancy to lower your sugar temporarily so you should be aware of
possible hypo occurring. 
         I have the occassional drink sometimes but make sure I eat something
with it or take it with something else.  I used to have rum & diet coke, but
that can cause me to drop, so rum & coke or a wine cooler seems to be my
better choice.  I only have the social occassion to drink maybe 4 times a
year so I watch it when I do .....& I don't drive!!  
          Just keep these things in mind & I would think that you would be
ok, especially if you have had some drinks with no problems in the past.  
       I have only been on the pump since late May, & have not partaken of
alcohol yet with it.  I don't know how I plan to do the bolus when I have one
or if I should.   Any thoughts from here may help me.    Thanks.     Kathi