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Hi Jim Joseph,

I also have seen the same sticker on labels for insulin.  I think it is
fairly new and is related to the unpredictable lows that can come from
drinking alcohol.

I have never been a "drinker", but I used to enjoy a glass of wine with
dinner or a cold beer on a hot afternoon.  I had a very sobering experience a
few months ago.  A friend, a lady of 63 years with 52 years of Type 1
Diabetes, she was active in every aspect of diabetes and she ran her own
diabetes hot line.  You couldn't attend a diabetes function of any sort
without Dorothy being there and often running things.

On a Saturday evening, she and her husband went out to dinner.  On the way
out of the restaurant, they ran into some friends and decided to go into the
lounge for a couple of drinks.  Shortly after going to bed that night, she
woke her husband and asked for some orange juice.  When he returned, she was
seizing from low blood sugar.  The seizure was so bad that she went into
cardiac arrest.  While help soon arrived, they were unable to save Dorothy's

I might have expected this to happen to someone who was routinely careless,
but the fact that it happened to one of the most knowledgeable and
experienced diabetics that I have even known, made me stop short.

Please take the label seriously folks and be very careful.