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Re: [IP] Re: Pump advocate

I still believe that there are those who don't want to admit to the
world that their life is different.  Being on a pump is great, don't
misunderstand me in that.  My experience is that I had a bad hypo
episode, freaked my wife out and she called 911 ect.,  that forced me to
want to change and ultimately that change led to my pump.  Conversely,
there is a diabetic who I work with who has passed out several times at
work, has had probably 4 911 calls there this year alone.  He has passed
out shortly after parking his car.  Despite this, he refuses to address
his condition in any capacity.  I can see what he does and I can follow
his thought process because I have been in a similar state at times
[never that bad, but close enough].  He could only use a pump after a
major change in his approach, no matter how much better his life would
become.  He is not ready for the responsibility.  I cannot believe that
he is alone.
Enough of this, though.  Let's all think turkey and that sort of stuff,
pleasant thought for those of us who do make the commitment and can reap
the benefits

buddybarber wrote:

> > I think that there is a significant point that has been overlooked.
> Not
> > all diabetics are willing to accept the responsibility of being on a
> > pump.  It means counting your foods and dosing accordingly.  I know
> of
> > several diabetics who don't want to deal with that; they would
> rather
> > take 1 or 2 shots of NPH and muddle along.  Hence, not everyone
> would
> > benefit from pumping.
> > Jay
> >
> Jay,
>         Personally I believe if they knew how simple it is, and how
> MUCH better
> they would feel there would be no problem. Tell me. . . . .  How much
> better do you feel now than before you started pumping? I have always
> thought that this disease destroys a persons brain. I was coaxed into
> checking into pump therapy. I must admit that I did not start out
> looking
> to get on the pump. After I committed to getting on it and then
> feeling the
> difference it has made I am now crusading to enlighten every
> uneducated and
> skeptic I can find.
> Buddy '-)