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Re: [IP] Re: Pump advocate

On Fri, 21 Nov 1997, Rose Lulla wrote:

> Thank you, Buddy.  You are right, we must teach all those out there who
> do not know about the pump and how it can help kids.  I know my job now
> is to teach others about the pump and it's benefits.  My biggest job
> though is, like your mother, to teach my son everything I can about how
> to take care of himself to achieve ultimate health.

Funny you should mention that.  I spent a year and a half teaching Lily 
everything I could find out about pumping, control and so on.....
And about 6 months to a year ago, something changed. Now she hardly ever 
talks to me about diabetes.  She's off tonight with 
some friends at a play, last night she was out for pizza and study with 
another friend.  Its MARVELOUS! she is independent and totaly comfortable 
with her diabetes and handling it herself.  I have to say, I think she's 
better at it than many adults, she just does it! Fixes highs or lows as 
they come along as naturally as you or I would brush our hair or go to 
the bathroom.

Do your best with Ravi and in a couple of years you will wonder what 
happened to the diabetes 'problem'.