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On Fri, 21 Nov 1997, Rose Lulla wrote:

> Michael,
> I just want to thank you again for the website and this list.  You are
> offering a great service!
> Rose, aka Ravi's mom
Thanks for the kudos, again I will proselitize for some more volunteers!!!

Help spread the word folks!  The key to a web site is the content and 
depth.  That is what attracts people, the resource value.

Help me add to it by creating articles and faq's from the content of the 
mail list.  There are interesting and valuable discussions going on 
constantly, howver, folks who are new to the list or only visit the 
website do not benefit from the wise words that pass amongst y'all.  It 
needs to be distilled and presented as a series of Q & A in a FAQ or as 
an article or HOWTO else where on the website for them to browse at their 

Let me hear from you.

email @ redacted