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Re: [IP] Re: Pump advocate

> I think that there is a significant point that has been overlooked.  Not
> all diabetics are willing to accept the responsibility of being on a
> pump.  It means counting your foods and dosing accordingly.  I know of
> several diabetics who don't want to deal with that; they would rather
> take 1 or 2 shots of NPH and muddle along.  Hence, not everyone would
> benefit from pumping.
> Jay

	Personally I believe if they knew how simple it is, and how MUCH better
they would feel there would be no problem. Tell me. . . . .  How much
better do you feel now than before you started pumping? I have always
thought that this disease destroys a persons brain. I was coaxed into
checking into pump therapy. I must admit that I did not start out looking
to get on the pump. After I committed to getting on it and then feeling the
difference it has made I am now crusading to enlighten every uneducated and
skeptic I can find.

Buddy '-)