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Re: [IP] tape w/ comfort sets??

Mary Jean,

I have used the Tenders since I started my pump a year ago.  I have
tried several systems to hold things down while I swim [my primary
exercise].  To make that problem worse, I swim quite fast and that tends
to make a slightly raised edge grow.
The system that I use is to apply a transparent dressing on first [I use
OpSite], and then shoot the infusion set through it.  As far as wipes
go, I have used Smith & Nephew's SkinPrep, but am MUCH happier with 3M's
Non-Sting Barrier Film.
Good luck and I hope that you like your new set.
P.S.  While I was trialing the Non-Sting Barrier Film, 3M said that they
would send me some samples, but all that arrived was 1 wipe and 1 swab.
Oh well.  -JW

email @ redacted wrote:

> Hi -- I have another question for the group,
> I asked MiniMed to send me a sample of the "new" silhouette infusion
> set
> which is identical to the comfort sets and tenders.  They were glad to
> oblige
> and sent me exactly one!  I want to make the most out of my trial with
> this
> one shot at it before I order a whole box.  My question is this:  How
> is the
> tape that comes with the sets?  Do I need to use a polyskin or
> something else
> on top to hold everything down?  The instructions didn't say to but I
> don't
> want it to fall out on the first day....I'm going to try it on Sunday
> morning, thanks in advance.
> Mary Jean