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[IP] Re: Pump advocate, Rose

Those "non-compliants" make it
> difficult for us "compliants" to convince the endos that we really want
> to do the best possible for ourselves.
> Just a thought!
> Rose, aka Ravi's mom!

	I understand what you are saying. . . . . I know that I may not have
survived without a very strong and determined woman (Buddy's mom), making
sure at that point in time that I was getting the attention and medicine,
and education that I needed to ensure a long and simi-healthy life with the
technology of that time. This is exactly what you (Ravi's mom) are doing at
this point in time and we must also do our best to see that the growing
number of children can have a chance to these benefits. If we, the
enlightened few, don't educate the uneducated, who will ?

Buddy '-)